The Premiere Photo art works for sale
I will sale these premire photograph as a print.(up to 600mm x 900mm) with acrylic panel.
These photographys were choiced by my private selection.
"Phaenomena Series"
"Phaenomena" is the title for ancient star epic poem,which was written by Aratus(BC270ca).
I was shooting star(constellations) with Greek temple or there in nature across the Mediterranean's countries from 1988.
Star and ancient temple tells us eternity. You will perceive and faced thousands years and more had been past.
I provide you "Unseen photograpy series".
Since 2010, I had prepared new portrait under the starry night, using high ISO(6400).
So far now, No one atempt to express this style. There is certainly enjoyment and universe. To use starlight, you will perceive great image absolutely.
I provide you another "Unseen photograpy series".
To use moonlight, you will find how interesting and amazing world there are.

"Under the Full Moon"(bihind moon on my back),
Film era. it needed 1 minute exposure by ISO400 F2.8.
Now, it need only 1 second exposure by ISO6400 F2.8.
"The lady under star and moonlit night"
(Oil painting version)
After I lived in Germany, I had learned EU color usage. I adapted it for my private images. However these oil painting version were made by Photoshop, I have noticed that there is another photo world.
I guarantee this enjoyment.
"Aci Trezza"
Sicily island in Italy
I didn't live in Italy, but i went to there so many times. One of my favarite country.
I went to "Aci Trezza" in Sisly island, where is related to Greek myth. Here is Cyclops Polyphemus's rock above the sea. We perceive that Polyphemus and Orion are brothers.
Here is the fragmenta of Astro photographes in art style.
y@(C)Takehiko Hashimoto@ All photos and copyrights are reserved@z